Intuitive Counseling, ThetaHealing®, Psychic Readings

“It is hard to find a place to begin with the amount of gratitude I have towards you. You have opened doors of happiness, compassion, greatness, love, and spirituality inside of me that I struggled to find without you. This testimonial doesn’t even BEGIN to show enough thanks to you and your wonderful gifts. You are a blessing. Anyone who comes in contact with you is fortunate. Your beauty covers every aspect is inspiring to me. Again, if I knew all and every beautiful word in the dictionary – they still wouldn’t be enough to tell you how great you are and how grateful I am. You have helped me, my close friends, and my pet. Your love is contagious. Thank you.”

Tania S.
Phoenix, AZ

ThetaHealing®, Entity Removal, Spirit Attachment Removal

“More heavy duty lifting and clearing work done by the amazing Carla! During a reiki session with a different healer, I learned that I had actually gained a lot of attachments through a previous significant other (and some poor choices, to allow them in). I hadn’t been feeling myself, and so, when I went in to get some reiki done, the woman doing my reiki couldn’t clear all of my attachments alone. Thus why I went to Carla for the heavier/harder attachments and releasing of negative energy. The day after Carla had completed my healing, I felt lighter, happier, and much more energetic. You never realize just how drained your attachments make you feel, from sucking on your energy all the time, until they’re gone! My mind and thoughts were clear and I just felt like myself again! Carla is really just the best for doing clearing work. There hasn’t been any work or healing that I needed that she couldn’t do. Such a kind, patient, and understanding soul.”

– Teri N.
San Francisco, CA

Spiritual Mediumship Reading, Psychic Readings:

“I met Carla for the first time today for a reading to connect with my brother who passed away a little over a year ago. She was very kind, approachable, BEAUTIFUL, nurturing and I just felt very safe being with her.

I believe that my being referred to her and our meeting was not a coincidence. The connection we made during our session, felt very strong and I was so happy to have Carla become the bridge that connected me and my brother. When I told my mother of our reading and my experience she cried as the messages that came through from him resonated deeply. It was quite an experience and I appreciated every moment of it. Thank you and I have already ordered the book you recommended on Amazon!”

Jake Alvarez
San Diego, CA


“As someone who is new to the world of theta healing, I was taken aback by Carla’s undeniable knowledge and mastery in the discipline. In fact, she even has her own unique system that can only be utilized through her at this point in time. My observations and experiences with Carla’s work can be summed up in the following:

1. she cares. The level of commitment and sincere compassion/dedication to her client’s highest and best interest is irrefutable. She works night and day to ensure her client’s are served at the highest level; all while keeping detailed and concise documentation of her sessions.
2. She will uncover blocks for you that you didn’t know existed. A core concept of theta healing is removing trauma and karma from past lives that our souls have carried into this lifetime. Not only can she do this; she can do it swiftly and permanently.
3. She will help you to reach your full potential in life. By removing these blocks, we are able to move on and carry out our soul’s mission in this lifetime.

If anyone is experiencing blocks, fears, anxieties, etc. that they simply cannot explain; that they have tried multiple means of addressing with no success, I would encourage you strongly to book a session with Carla. You have nothing to lose except that which does not serve you.”

Nate T.
Huntington Beach, CA

ThetaHealing®, Intuitive Counseling:

“I want to express just how grateful I am for finding Carla. As a new energy worker myself I had some issues come up for me that I didn’t understand, and thankfully Carla was there to help guide me though what was happening. She helped me clear away things that were not for my highest good and that were blocking me from achieving my highest potential. She put my mind at ease by explaining what exactly was transpiring at the time. I knew right away from the very beginning that I could trust her as her energy is very soothing and she radiates so much love.

During the session I felt so relaxed and immediately after felt so peaceful and centered. The days and weeks following she called to make sure I was okay and answered any questions I had.

The more time that passes I feel like I’m getting so many answers to what had been coming up for me for so long and more of an understanding of how to deal with some of my gifts. If you are struggling with certain things in your life that just don’t feel right, listen to your intuition and reach out to Carla she’s so gifted and I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with her.”

Angela Nunez
Sedona, AZ


“As a Thetahealer, I have worked with many different types of Thetahealers, as well as instructors, and I can confidently say that I’ve never worked with anyone as effective and connected to Creator as Carla. The soul contract and entity attachment work that Carla specializes in is not written in any textbook, and I’m so very grateful that my soul has had the opportunity to heal, learn, and grow from Carla on so many levels. Carla’s energy work on me, as well as my pets, has given me an expanded view on the interconnected nature of all beings, both physical and non-physical, as well as what my soul was intending to accomplish in this lifetime. While others could easily have been secretive or selfish with the knowledge that has been channeled to Carla, I have been humbled and astounded at how generous Carla has been in sharing her learnings with me, to mentor me into the healed soul (and healer for others) that I am today. I have been witness to Carla’s resilience and work ethic with regards to how she has overcome challenges in her own healing, and I marvel at the strength, determination, and compassion which she brings to her work on both herself and others. Her integrity and intuition is unmatched, and she always checks her ego at the door when it comes to Creator’s work. And because I know you never hear it, Carla, I just want to say a heartfelt thank you for the sacrifices I know you’ve made for the sake of the collectives on this planet. You are a true inspiration. :)”

– K. Polinder
La Mesa, CA


Emotion Code, ThetaHealing®:

“I reached out to Carla because I noticed that my 16 year old daughter had been struggling for some time with anxiety and depression. She had nightmares often and was tired most of the time. She was at a point where she didn’t even want to go to school anymore because the anxiety had gotten so bad. I knew something was not right energetically with her, and after taking her to her doctor they had no answers so I knew I needed to take a different approach.

Carla did a full theta healing energy clearing on her, and since my daughter has anxiety she didn’t even have to be present in person which she really appreciated. She gave us so many answers to what had been going on and I can’t begin to say how thankful I am to have found her.

My daughter’s nightmares vanished, she no longer was struggling in school in fact she began to show up to school early. Negative people that were affecting her suddenly just distanced themselves from her and she has begun to find peace. As a parent I am forever grateful for you Carla, you are an Angel.”

-Amaya’s Mom
Albuquerque, NM


“All I can say is DIVINE TIMING! I believe we all have a journey tailored to each of us, and on that path, people and situations are placed for lessons that maybe we may not recognize at the time, but somehow is vital to our soul’s expansion. Carla, is one of those people. I first met her as a friend in 2009 and never knew that later in life she would be a blessing to my personal growth. I just recently reconnected with her after finding out from mutual friends she has incredible gifts that helped guide them on their journey, and somehow had an urge to reach out for her guidance as well. Luckily I did at the right time! Now, I’m blessed to say she’s helping guide me to the bliss I’ve been searching for. She’s given me clarity and knowledge far beyond what I expected (only after a few sessions) and her connection to Creator is remarkable. She’s completely in tuned to know what serves your energy and what does not. I truly recommend working with Carla because of her genuine compassion and love for what she does, which exudes towards her work with her clients. When you’re ready to finally have a true commitment with yourself and Creator to live your life to its fullest potential and to achieve higher consciousness, then let Carla be the conduit to that enlightenment.”

-Carla L.
Las Vegas, NV



“Carla I just wanted to say thank you again, I can’t even begin to put into words just how good I feel. I know all is aligned within me, and I feel so much peace and love within my heart. I feel like all the inner chaos, fear and uncertainty has passed and I feel safe. I have felt strong and rooted in my knowing of what I want, and I am able to speak my truth. I am peaceful and relieved, thank you.”

Angela N.
Tuscon, AZ



“If I had to describe Carla in one word, that word would be grand. Her entrance is grand, her presence is grand, her energy is grand, her healing is grand, yet her approach is gentle, it’s compassionate, and it’s extremely informative.

I have never heard of theta healing, nor did I know what the results would be, but what I do know is that my life hasn’t been the same since I met Carla.

The way she communicates with the higher being (The Creator) is mesmerizing. If you can break from the trance of meditation to watch her channel the messages she’s receiving, it’ll be one of the most phenomenal experiences you’ll ever witness in your life.

I didn’t want to believe her that my life would improve after clearing up issues she discovered during my session, however, the events that have transpired since meeting her are leaving me to believe otherwise.

Within a short time period (less than 30 days) I have been able to find peace and closure on a badly ended relationship from 10 years ago, I have manifested the exact car that I’ve wanted since 2011, and I sense an amazing level of protection from negative thoughts and energy that I battled during the majority of this past year. My energy awareness and belief in manifestation is so heightened that I am eager to continue my healing sessions with her just to see what else I can accomplish on my vision board.

I’ve met a lot of self-proclaimed, self-serving psychics and spiritual healers in my lifetime, and I can assure you that Carla is not one of those people. She doesn’t need to proclaim being a healer at all, the work she does and the people she’s helped (myself being one of them) can proclaim that for her. Whatever her gift is, it is special, it is unique, and she selflessly shares it with the world. If you are looking to have a spiritual experience that will change your life (for the better) do yourself the favor and meet Carla. She’s the best.”

Lawrence Carroll
West Hollywood, CA


“Omg !!! I don’t even know where to start .. First of all let me tell you she truly has a beautiful gift!! She’s able to tell you things and connect with your energy to see where you’re hurting and what the universe is trying to tell you so she can work Her magic. I Really think God Sent her to me on my birthday as a gift to help me make this a better and lighter year. She truly healed my soul and took away all the bad energies that I couldn’t do alone, she’s truly a healer and I am Forever grateful and will continue to tell people about her and how she turned my life around for the better. I would recommend her to any and everybody !! She will heal your soul I swear!!! She was an Angel to me in this lifetime, it is truly a feeling I can’t explain, you just have to feel it on your own she’s an amazing beautiful person inside and out and truly has a gift from heaven !! Thank u for everything you did for me”

Becca Negar
Silverlake, CA

ThetaHealing®, Intuitive Counseling, Psychic Readings (Current & Past Life):

“I’m so grateful for the sessions I have had with you and the connection I have with you, such a blessing! I wanted to share with you that your gifts are helping to contribute to my clarity, growth, and expansion of my journey in this lifetime. I’m beyond grateful for your guidance and how I’m super connected to your soul makes a huge difference in my healing and for me to be able to get the fulfillment I want out of this lifetime. I can’t wait to continue to develop whatever gifts I have within to help the collective. I appreciate you!”

DJ Legaspi
Las Vegas, NV


ThetaHealing®, Current & Future Psychic Readings, Intuitive Counseling:

“So proud of how far you’ve come, I would say how far we’ve both come, but you are a major reason I have come so far and your past is pretty much the only reason I even listen to you, real talk. How can one help heal others if they’ve never been through the real deal shit life hands some of us?

You are for real my woman crush everyday and the only person on this Earth I trust with ANYTHING… how spiritual and connected you are with God and how pure your morals and intentions are, and your heart that wants to help and heal everyone… because of the pain you wen through… so silly people idolize IG models who post nothing but superficial crap… I idolize you, because you could be that girl but you’re not…anymore.. And you are proof that there is no motherfucking excuses to not overcome what you’ve been dealt. That is someone who is truly influential… you Carla are influential AF.”

A.L. Von
Huntington Beach, CA

ThetaHealing®, Akashic Records Reading, Intuitive Counseling:

“I was guided to Carla through a mutual friend, I instantly felt she could help me and she did! Carla’s perspective was mind blowing and everything she said made perfect sense. The weeks following the healing I had some major transformative experiences and have come to yet another level of understanding I wasn’t previously in. My own spiritual gifts have awakened more and the internal shifts are being reflected in my life. Carla is an amazing practitioner and I’m so delighted we connected. I can’t wait to work with her again!”

Lucia Sparks
Melbourne, Australia

ThetaHealing®, Energy Healing (Reiki & Accelerated Light Healing), Crystal Healing, Psychic Reading, Intuitive Counseling:

“After what seemed like the worst turn of events in my life, Carla was divinely sent to deliver healing and to assist me on my spiritual path. I honestly believe that if it wasn’t for our initial session I would have been trapped in the heartache of a bad breakup and held back from accelerating as a healer by negative entities attached to me. With Reiki, crystals & ThetaHealing I moved forward with much clarity and self love along with incredibly helpful information to steer me into completing the Reiki Master level. Through this last year I have had 5 phone sessions to continue the healing as well as fine tune my career path. Each has made radical shifts! Just days ago I was fortunate to schedule an in-person session while visiting in Los Angeles and it was out-of-this-world spectacular! Like an onion, she peeled away layers with ThetaHealing clearing blocks and all sorts of junk. I left feeling like a new woman. Over the course of the next few weeks I look forward to integrating as my DNA has been activated, then to following up with the next layers to peel. I cannot thank her enough for being the light in my life and being such a beautiful soul & spirit. Thank you Creator for crossing our paths in past lives, this life, and surly future lives! Carla, keep rockin’ on girl. You are simply wonderful and doing exactly what you are called to do! Love you!”


Monej Cruz
Las Vegas, NV

“Hi Carla, thank you again so much! The healing created a very drastic change in my world environment in just 24 hours! I know that sounds crazy but to you it doesn’t obviously because you work it! Thank you thank you thank you!”

– William Richardson
Long Beach, CA

Thetahealing®, Intuitive Counseling, Past & Current Life Readings:

“Love you Carla, seriously, thank you for inspiring me all these years. I seriously speak so highly of you and all that you are. I am in a transition, probably the biggest I will have this lifetime and have a feeling the biggest I have had in a long time when it comes to past lifetimes and I believe nothing but good will come of this. I trust you with my life and I couldn’t think of anyone better to help light my way even if it’s just to help spark my lantern!! Much love and light from me to you!!”

Steph J.
Oahu, HI


“I have had beautiful surges of euphoria overcome me before, to the point of tears. The day after my first Theathealing session with Carla and I experienced such euphoria so intensely the tears wouldn’t stop. As overwhelming as it was, it was divinely beautiful. Thank you both from my heart and soul for being such a powerful light.”

Jennifer G.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Animals ThetaHealing® and Animals Emotion Code

“Carla’s ThetaHealing® has helped Brodie and I in so many ways. My dog, Brodie, needed Thetahealing® and without Carla, I honestly believe he would have never been his complete, happy, self. ThetaHealing® did so much for his wellbeing, including the simple act of sleep. I feel so much better knowing my pet feels better physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. He can now live life without worry. Carla has continued to help me grow and now, helping Brodie, she has once again, surpassed the level of greatness I felt and saw in her. I will forever be truly grateful for the love and compassion she has for both people and pets.”

Santana U.
Albuquerque, NM

Current & Future Intuitive Psychic Readings, Energy Healing (Reiki, Crystal Healing, Accelerated Light Healing):

“Hi Carla, I just wanted to say that your healing helped and triggered so much so fast. That part where you seen something really dark and deep that had to do with not forgetting about my childhood- you called it. I’m going through it right now and I didnt see it coming, but I just wanted you to know that your words and that moment you told me instantly popped up, when I realized what is happening and I’m most honestly and grateful you provided me strength in reasoning with the situation. This is testimony of your healing. Thank you.”

Patrick Ignacio
Las Vegas, NV


Pet Mediumship Reading/Animals Psychic Reading:

“I highly recommend Carla Maria Cadotte – a most excellent pet medium! And for the record, I never consult psychics- but it turns out my friend who lives in Los Angeles is friends with her and had showed her photos of my cat Harry after he had been missing for over 2 months. Shortly after she had been shown Harry’s photos he contacted her (she said that usually she is the one who initiates contact with pets, but this time Harry did) and she knew exactly who he was! So she gave me Harry’s message during our reading!

The day before I talked to Carla and perhaps the same day Harry sent his message to her with his whereabouts, I did ask out loud for divine intervention!

Carla told me that Harry was close to home, only 3 blocks West from where we live and she describe a 2 story Adobe Spanish style home that she was shown and said that if I went door to door he should be home in 48 hours. The next day after her reading I went out searching and knocked on every door and talked to everyone and gave them flyers in the area that Harry had indicated through her (It was a dead-end street West of my house that I never knew existed in the whole time I’ve lived here – I had always thought there was a wash there.) The next day, not even 24 hours after my reading, a lady who I had talked to the day before and given a poster to, called me saying she could see him in the field next to their house! (their home IS the adobe 2 story from the vision).. So I ran over there, and it was Harry! YES!!

Thank you so much to Donovan who I know from Yoga West Los Angeles who is friends and neighbors with Carla, who made this entire happy ending to my lost kitty story possible by showing photos to Carla! Miracles DO happen, never forget that!”

Connie Lee Marie Fischer
Tuscon, Arizona

ThetaHealing® Practitioner Coaching:
“So much respect for how you’ve always owned your past and embraced how it has led you to be one of the most intelligent and powerful healers there are today. Your integrity is matched by none.”

Kim Polinder
San Diego, CA

Current & Future Intuitive Psychic Readings, ThetaHealing®:

Carla is truly a gifted and beautiful soul with incredible compassion and love.
Through my Theta healing sessions and readings with Carla, she has brought so much clarity, peace and positive change into my life. She has cleared so many blocks and negative energy, some of which I was unaware of. I feel like a renewed person…lighter, happier and balanced.
I look forward in working with her again soon in my personal growth and spiritual journey.
Thank you with all my heart, for sharing your amazing gift and beautiful spirit.

Love always,

Lisa P.
Westwood, CA


Energy Healing (Reiki & Accelerated Light Healing), Crystal Healing, Psychic Medium Reading, Past Life Regression, ThetaHealing®:

“Allowing Carla to do light work on me and bring me into greater consciousness has been a pure blessing. She addresses all my qualms and assures me every step of the way. When we first met, we did some crystal healing, energy healing, as well as, DNA activation. She came in the room with absolute light and excitement to do her light work on me and even addressed a few spirits that I had sensed, in my home, prior to our session. After the session, she follows up and makes sure that you’re “upgrading” well. She gives you friendly reminders, such as, staying hydrated and resting when your body needs it. The healing can briefly put your physical body at a delicate state afterwards. It just means your soul is shedding old layers and upgrading! Soon enough, I was up and on my way; happier, lighter, and ecstatic for my next session.

The second time I saw Carla, I asked for a past life regression with Mediumship. She suggested that we also do some theta healing, as that is often needed when past life experiences come up and are remembered. We went through and dug up so much that Thetahealing was definitely sought after. She took very good care of me, and my emotions with patience and understanding. I couldn’t believe how patient she was with the entire process! I feel so appreciated and accepted when I have work done by Carla. I’m so thankful to have a soul like hers, willing to tactfully and carefully assess my soul’s genuine needs. I learn something new about myself every time and am always excited to have another session with her!”
All the best,


Tori Yamashiro
Las Vegas, NV


Psychic Reading Current and Future:

“Every single thing she predicted about the future is on unbelievably on point. She has saved me a lot of heartache and money by checking in with her about business ventures with certain people in my life and helping me see the truth about relationships with people in my life who no longer serve my highest good and who are toxic to my personal growth. She is like a crystal ball, ask her a question about anything and anyone and she will tell you everything exactly, or sometimes you don’t even have to ask her, she already knows what was going on in your life. There are no amounts of words that can describe a session with her you just have to see for yourself. Carla is a pure goddess of the white light!”

Nicole Y.
Newport Beach, CA



“Growing up, I always looked at the world different than most. I was more interested in the past and the future than the present. I would go into new places and know my surroundings as if I had been there many times. I was soft spoken in public, yet in private I had full conversations with an entity that I felt was always there, watching over me. Over time, these traits grew exponentially.
I never consider myself as “strange” or “weird”. I vision myself actually the opposite, run-of-the-mill. If there was anything negative I could say about myself, it would be that I am unfocused. The traits addressed earlier and dealing with daily life, I find myself living in two different worlds so to speak. I never thought I would find the necessary balance until Carla was called into my existence.
Even before our first meeting, I knew I was going down the path that was best for me. Once meeting Carla, I was not being introduced to a complete stranger but reuniting with an old friend or better yet a family member whom I had lost contact. Through our Thetahealing session, Carla’s guidance, and my own meditations, I am in an early phase of gaining an understanding of myself, my own energy, and the energies of those around me. I now find myself answering questions I never imagined to ask and beginning to find the harmony in my life that I have been wanting. Thank you, Carla. You are a gift to us all from Creator.”

Jada Williams
Las Vegas, NV



“My Theta healing sessions with Carla has been completely life-changing. She helped me make so many positive changes in my life that have quickly accelerated my business life and personal growth. I had a complete broken soul before I came to Carla, which I always knew, and had tried to fix through meditation, Ayahuasca, EMDR therapy, and Reiki. None of those can even compared to the benefits I have gotten through my ThetaHealingÒ sessions. Everyone around me can see a major difference in me, and tell me something is different about me, or comment on how much I’ve grown. I attract entirely different types of people in my life since my energy is on a higher vibration.”

Avalise L.
Beverly Hills, CA


Psychic Readings (Current & Future Readings):

“Carla is my go to when i need clarity or am at a crossroads. Her genuine and sweet spirit are always welcoming and I know I can come to her about anything free of judgment. The insight she brings has helped me to find comfort and clarity during some of the most challenging times I have had. I have consulted her for personal matters as well as business and she never fails to provide me with accurate, insightful information when needed the most. Thank you Carla for all that you are and for being such a guiding light!”

Carmen G.
Manhattan, NYC


ThetaHealing®, Entity Removal, Soul Contract Release:

“Carla is extremely intelligent, gifted, and an expert in Thetahealing. I was referred by a good friend, whom is also a healer and client of hers and she explained how Carla heals negative energies and past life entity contracts or attachments that may be taunting one’s soul. She mentioned this after I shared an experience I encountered with a not so positive healer.

Carla was able to see some times in my life that needed cleansing and clearing. When Carla began to explain galactic roots and soul families, I was in complete awe. It was fascinating how she was able to see, and help me with some areas that needed healing. I highly recommend Carla to help you get to the root of your past life karmic roots and get everything cleared so you can begin to see things with more clarity.”

Ana Lopez
Hollywood, CA


Energy Healing (Reiki, Accelerated Light Healing, and Crystal Healing), Past Life Reading:

“Carla has been a light of truth and love since the moment we met. I had a session with her at a time when things were in complete chaos and transition in my life. She brought a sense of peace to me and revealed things about past lives that directly correlated to the experiences I’d been having during that time in my present life. Through her wisdom and commitment to healing she used her energy to enshroud me in what felt like a warm bath of light that instantly took me from feeling desperate to calm. I was able to see things more clearly through being in a calm state and take actions in my life that reflected that. Thank you so much for being you Carla and for your dedicated service to others.”

Ashley E
Los Angeles, CA


Current & Future Intuitive Psychic Readings, Intuitive Counseling:

“I love this girl. True beauty inside and out. Honest and real, gifted, humble. A real gem 🙂 Carla, you rock woman. Your words and energy are GOLD.”

– Leslie J.
Bel Air, CA


Energy Healing (Crystal Healing, Reiki, Accelerated Light Healing), Past Life Regression:

“The experience that Carla brought was unbelievable! The energy healing process was a journey in itself and was able to answer some questions I had about myself and past lives. I felt the energies of the crystals working immediately! She is extremely knowledgeable of her services!! I now know what I should do next in my spiritual journey thanks to Carla. Thank you my dear friend, I am glad our paths crossed again in a new light and I can’t wait for many more to come. Love you mama and Namaste.”


– Tracy Nova
Henderson, NV

Psychic Medium Reading, ThetaHealing®, Energy Healing (Crystal Healing, Reiki, Accelerated Light Healing)

“I have used Carla’s services for over a year now, however last year my Cousin was murdered and Carla contacted creator and my Cousin.  She was able to give me details on his death that neither the police nor his friends could or would give us.


It was chilling in the beginning because I hadn’t openly asked a deceased relative how they passed and for this circumstance I needed too. Carla immediately gave me chilling details about his death about the room setup and who was in the room at the time of his death. This information allowed my family to receive the healing we needed.
It’s truly been a pleasure having received healings and teachings from Carla as her deep connection to source has the ability open even the most closed off person. Were it not for her I would not have known some of my deepest underlying issues I have and needed to deal with. She truly is a heaven sent and I recommend her to anyone who needs to clear blockages, past-life karma and all the other services she offers. Words can’t describe how she changed my life a bright flower that aided me in the blooms of my life.  A forever client.”

~Gia Garnett
Culver City, CA

Energy Healing (Crystal Healing, Reiki, Accelerated Light Healing), Intuitive Counseling, Past Life Readings:

“Working with Carla has been a truly transformative experience that words cannot even begin to describe. I came to Carla for Energy Healing for the first time during a rather tumultuous period of my life where I was in need of realignment, re-balancing, guidance, and clarity. I had never had Energy Healing done on me before though I would meditate with crystals on occasion and was familiar with the Metaphysical aspect of things from growing up with a clairvoyant uncle, my Uncle J. I did not really know what to expect in regards to Energy Healing but had been referred to it by a friend and was open to try anything to help me regain perspective during a period of intense self-reflection and growth. My first session with Carla was out of this world- literally hahaha. I had experienced leaving my body in meditation a couple times before but the astral visions, past life visions, and things I experienced during my first session was beyond anything I could have imagined- and the craziest thing was waking up after Carla grounded me back into my body and her bringing up EVERY vision I had and each being I saw from spirit animals to extraterrestrials to past life visions. She had seen certain things I hadn’t seen as well and we discussed everything after the session as well, but the balance, clarity, and peace I felt inside and within my entire being was indescribable and something I had not experienced before. When I returned to Vegas after my trip to LA and seeing Carla EVERYONE noticed a crazy shift in my energy and was asking what had happened- I shared my amazing experience with them and since have had several other friends work with her as well.

I have continued with Carla for more Energy Healing but also services like Intuitive Counseling as my consciousness has continued to expand and grow tremendously since my first session. Each session is unique and revealing in its own way, compounding upon the awareness, wisdom, and discovery of the one before. I can’t begin to fully explain how working with her has literally blasted open my consciousness to a whole different level or how incredible my journey has been since. The effects it has had on my creativity as a songwriter and musician has been so impactful and I am so grateful to have discovered Energy Healing but even more so to have someone like her to guide me along this crazy and awesomely rewarding journey to my divine higher self and truth.”


– Quest Barros
Las Vegas, NV

Energy Healing (Crystal Healing, Reiki, Accelerated Light Healing), Past Life Regression:

“When Carla does a healing past lives are revealed, entities are exorcised, integration of information and wisdom and pure nurturing occur. Thank you for blowing my lid off as I step in to the next realm of my experience. So much gratitude- Carla, you are a blessing.”


Aeon Magdalena
Echo Park, CA


Energy Healing (Crystal Healing, Reiki, Accelerated Light Healing), Past Life Reading:

“Carla was the first Energy Healer and Psychic I have ever worked closely with or received guidance from, though I have had my own spiritual practice of alchemy, meditation with crystals, and had short readings in the past, receiving energy work from her has been life-changing in many ways and help me to evolve and take my spirituality to another level during a period where I could sense and feel my soul was looking to evolve to its next level of consciousness yet was “stuck” at a certain point so to speak. A friend of mine who had worked with her introduced Carla to me and from the first text I knew that she was divinely delivered to me to serve as a guide as I moved forward to the next stages of my awakening. There is a familiarity about her that made me realize immediately that I could trust her with my energy and that allowed me to open my energy fully allowing me to benefit the most. From the first session she was able to delve into past lives and past life relationships and connections I had to others that were causing stagnancy in my life and she was able to easily help shed light to things I needed to work on within myself and my spirit in order to move forward. I am forever grateful to have someone like her to turn to when I need an extra boost of energy, guidance, or clarity and cannot thank her enough for the service she provides for those of us on our spiritual ascension.”


– PJ
Summerlin, NV

Mediumship Reading:

I would recommend her to anyone looking to connect with the spirits from beyond. As a fellow energy healer and peer I trust her guidance and input. Thank you Carla for helping me find peace!!! I count on you as one of my cosmic soul sisters!!

Nicole B.
Pasadena, CA


Current and Future Psychic Reading:

“Thank you Carla for helping me find the answers that I needed when I needed them and for teaching me to trust my instinct. Sometimes readings aren’t just about knowing about the future but about validating some of the things we instinctively “know” yet try to ignore from our own inner truth and gut instinct or that we simply don’t want to believe or accept. It’s important to feel that the person you are receiving a reading from is not only accurate, but also objective and free of judgment and doesn’t tell you what to do but provides information that will allow your free will to make a decision based on things sometimes “unseen”. Life will have ups and downs and unexpected bumps in the road at times but having someone that you can trust to help guide you through those twists and turns and that can give you insight on the unforeseen when you need it the most is invaluable. Thank you for giving me clarity when I need it.”

-Sherrein W.
Las Vegas, NV

Psychic Medium Reading:

“Carla did my reading in regards to my boyfriend who was in a coma. I wanted to know if my boyfriend’s soul was lost in a different plane. Carla was able to find his soul and clarified all the questions I had. Every question I had asked her was answered! Every aspect of my life made sense after Carla did my reading. She is awesome! She had a way of making me feel comfortable. She was very understanding and did not judge me. I trusted her because she took her time and really analyzed my questions. She’s the best! Thank you so much!”


– Ashley Alfara
Hollywood, CA

Psychic Medium Reading and Energy Healing (Crystal Healing, Reiki, Accelerated Light Healing:

“About 8 months ago Carla worked on me during a crystal healing course. Last week my friend who I consider to be my first love passed away. I asked Carla to do use her gifts as a Medium to connect with him and she did right away. She gave me accurate and heartfelt information that gave me peace in my heart. I would recommend her to anyone open or in need of readings to connect to a loved one who’s transitioned or for healing. She is very talented and gifted in her psychic abilities and healing practice and I’m so happy she helped me to connect!!”
– Jennifer B.
Long Beach, CA


My ThetaHealing® sessions with Carla have been very liberating! She has helped me release stresses and blocks and triggers quickly and thoroughly that I have had for a very long time- something you can NEVER get in any conventional method or modality. It is a MUST to experience ThetaHealing® at once in your lifetime… your mind and energy will thank you!!!


– Brian Bobila
Westwood, CA

Current and Future Psychic Reading:

My reading with Carla was amazing. She truly was able to tune into my energy and I received the exact information I needed. My energy is so much higher, I have clarity and the inspiration I need to take things to the next level. She’s an amazing channel. I highly recommend her!

-Monica Loren
West Hollywood, CA

Pet Mediumship Reading and Animals ThetaHealing®:

Carla has helped me so much in regards to getting a new puppy. I had to put down my previous dog whose name was Bentley. Bentley was like a child to me, so to lose him do to an unforeseen illness was very difficult especially since he was still young and relatively healthy his whole life with me. Anyways, throughout the year of putting him down, I contemplated getting another dog but still felt so much guilt about Bentley. I didn’t want him to think he was being replaced or that I would forget about him. Carla was able to guide me through the process of finding a new puppy. She knew the difficulty I had of choosing between two without me telling her but once I figured which puppy it was, she helped me to get the closure I was looking for. Prior to telling her anything, she had told me Bentley was guiding me into getting another male dog with a white face. It so happened I knew I wanted a male dog, and ended up with one that had a little white face. She helped me to receive the closure I needed knowing that Bentley helped guide me to this new puppy and that he was happy for me to have a new little one in my life. Thank you Carla so much for your help with this. I know this is long but I am so appreciative and filled with emotion on this new journey.

– Andrea P.
Sherman Oaks, CA